May 30, 2010

Install OSX on HP Mini 311

Posted by Knick

I love my HP Mini 311 netbook. It is small, light cheep (free for signing up with Verizon for a year) but i love my Macs more. I decided that it was time to bite the bullet and spend some time getting OSX 10.6.3 on my HP to make it truly my portable of choice.
I bought the following upgrades:

1) I upgraded the RAM from the 1 gig onboard to the max of 3gig. This is totally optional but i wanted to get the best performance i could from the mini.

2) I replaced the stock WIFI card with a replacement Broadcom 4312HMG card that is supported in OSX (the stock card will NOT work in Snow Leopard). WIFI was a must for a netbook so i hit e-bay and picked up the card for just 15 bucks after shipping.

I used a combination of several guides posted below, i would not have been able to do this without those guides and Google to help me out.

Install 10.6

Upgrade to 10.6.3

Flash BIOS and replace WIFI Card

I followed the first and second guides to the letter and they worked perfectly. WIFI was another story all together, it took another day to get the new "fully supported" card working. Small price to pay for the result, a fully functioning 10.6.3 macbook with HDMI out and a lovely 11 inch 1366x788 screen.

Detailed instructions to follow…….


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