Jun 3, 2010

Upgrading the NAS Part 2

Posted by Knick

When I left off last night, I had installed my new drives in my NAS and formatted one of the 2 drives. When the Dlink DNS-323 told me that it had to format the second drive after finishing the first, which took 30 min, I decided that I could not wait any longer and would pick up in the morning before work. While the first drive was formatting I moved one of the old drives from the NAS to my desktop and installed Linux Reader, a tool that would allow my Windows 7 PC read the EXT2 partition on the hard drives.

I woke up this morning all set to begin my 1TB file transfer so it could run while I was at work. I came down stairs, fired up the Windows 7 partition on my PC and launched the Linux Reader application.

I selected the drive that I wanted to restore and told it to copy over to the new partition on the NAS. I left for work hoping that Windows would not jam up and that I would have a nice clean copy of my files on the NAS ready for my use.

There is a reason people like me switch from PC to MAC ....

Apparently the 970GB file copy was a bit too much to handle and it crapped out at about 15% in. I did some more research and tried to find a solution that would allow me to use OSX to mount the drive and copy it over but everything I see is not compatible with Snow Leopard. I decided to give this Linux Reader another try but I am going to restore 1 folder at a time hope that it doesn't crash out again.

2 hours later ... no go. The next step is to get a Linux boot disk made and boot into a Linux OS and try to get the copy running that way. I love how this would have worked in any other version of windows or any other version of OSX but Windows 7 and Snow Leopard are incompatible. I suspect my next blog entry will be, "Running Linux on an MSIx58 with an Intel i7".


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