Jun 2, 2010

Upgrading the NAS

Posted by Knick

It happened, I didn't think I could do it but I did. I finally filled up the 1TB of storage on my DNS-323 NAS. I decided this week that I couldn't survive another week with less then 8GB of storage left on my precious network share so I started doing some research to find a compatible 2TB drive to replace the 1TB Hitachi drives that I bought almost exactly 1 year ago. I ordered 2 new Samsung Spinpoint HD203WI 2TB 5400 RPM SATA drives. These drives are not on the offical supported list but several users said they were working great in their DNS-323 so I took a chance and placed the order.

Seeing how Newegg is amazing and knows exactly what I need at all times, the drives were on sale and I saved $15 bucks each and got free shipping. On top of that, since Newegg somehow defies the laws of physics the drives arrived at my house very shortly after clicking the "complete order" button.

Now it was time for the long process of getting the data off the old drives and onto the new share. The process seemed simple (and it was for the most part), remove the old drives, install the new drives, create a new mirror and then copy the data to the new share.

I decided the best way to do this was to remove both the old drives from the NAS. I set one aside for a backup incase something went terribly wrong and I installed the other in my desktop. Then I installed the 2 new drives in the DNS-323 and booted it up. It recognized the drives right away as 2TB drives with no issues whatsoever. I went through the initialization wizard to set up a raid 1 mirror and let it start formatting.

Then I booted my desktop to get the data ready to copy. For some reason, OSX would not mount the drive from the NAS so I decided to give my windows partition a try. Windows (just like OSX) was able to see the drive but unable to read the data because it was a Linux native partition.

To get around this problem I installed a neat little tool called Linux Reader. This application allowed me to see all the partitions (read only of corse) so I could restore the data to the new 2TB share.

Now I can see everything I need to move, but the DNS-323 is still taking its sweet time formatting and configuring the mirrored drives. It is time now to go to bed and kick off the file copy in the morning when the DNS if finished formatting. Hopefully the 1TB file copy process will finish before I get home from work tomorrow.

Special thanks to JP and Eric for helping finish out the last 500GB if it were not for you guys I may have not had to upgrade so soon.


Anonymous said...

Good day mate. I'm currently using a dns-323 1.08 firmware with 2 x 750G WD black drives in raid1. I was thinking of getting the Samsung Spinpoint HD203WI 2TB (2000GB) drives and run up in RAID1. How did you go with your copy to the drives and stability of the RAID1. Any problems. Are the drives loud or quite (head movement). Anyhow let me know. JM

Knick said...

They work great! After I got all my data migrated (read the articles following this one, there wee some interesting problems that I had to overcome here) I had no troubles at all. They are a bit louder then my 1TB drives but not bad overall. My NAS is tucked away on the top of my bookshelf with my router so I hardly notice it. The only time it gets really loud is when you first spin the drives up after inactivity. This lasts about 30 seconds then they go back to a normal volume.

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