Jul 15, 2010

First Movie from iPhone4

Posted by Knick

This is my first update from my brand spanking new iPhone 4.

It was a long hard road, including trying to go to the mall on launch day without a pre-order only to find a 3 mile long line. Then going back to the apple store later that day to fine that they were sold out of non pre-ordered phones. My next choice was to place an order with apple.com and wait 3 painful weeks.

I got my shipping notification on Saturday the 10th and was super excited only to find that it was shipping from China and that the estimated delivery date was still July 15th.

I had been watching the FedEx site all week waiting for the arrival of my little gem. Today was the day, i got up early and check the status to find that it was out for delivery! I made sure Bethany would be home to receive the package and called or texted her every hour from work to see if it had arrived. She would inform me every time and very regretfully that it had not. I am not sure if it was sympathy or if it was that she was regretful that she new that i would be calling her again shortly.

Then I got the call, Bethany called me to tell me that ..... u guessed it ... the Fed Ex guy had rang the broken door bell and left a failed delivery attempt note on the door! SADNESS!! So I had to wait another 4 painful hours until I could go pick it up from the FedEx distribution hub. 6:55pm I was at the door of the FedEx store and by 7:05 I FINALLY had my new baby in my hands. I took it home and set it all up. Then we heard fireworks! Yes, thats right, the entire community was sooo happy for me and my new iPhone they actually had a fireworks display set up for me! Bethany and I ran outside and I took my trusty new gadget with me to film the show. After all if they are gonna put on a show just for me then I had better film it so i can prove it to future generations! Once filmed I downloaded and installed the new iMovie app for the iphone and made some edits, added music and a title and am uploading it here for everyone's viewing pleasure. I am still learning how to use that app, it is not as "out of the box easy" as I had hoped but i am sure it will be easy once I figure it out.

YouTube Video

PS the whole post was done from my iPhone 4 and my Apple Bluetooth KB.


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