Jul 8, 2010

SuperDuper! really is Super Duper!

Posted by Knick

With my new Hackentosh up and running on my secondary 160 gig hard drive and everything working as intended it was finally time to merge that data over to the 1TB drive and blow away everything windows on my desktop. I didn't want to have to go through the painful process of reinstalling osx since I already spend the day doing that last month. I did some searching and found the amazing and simple SuperDuper! app would do exactly what I needed.

Not only was this application simple to use but it is FREE. All I had to do was launch the app, choose my source drive and choose my destination drive and sit back and watch the magic happen. It took several hours to copy everything but I just ran it overnight and when I came down in the morning I had an exact duplicate of my OS drive.

Next I just had to run the EFI boot tool on the drive and reboot. I now have my fully functional hackentosh desktop completely windows free and fully operational.


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