Feb 7, 2012

Set up Google Voice on iPad

Posted by Knick

After several internet searcihng attempts I have finally come across a way to set up my iPad to make and recieve calls using my Google Voice number. The information is taken from this link but I am reposting it here incase I need to set this up again and that link is dead.

Read More for details.

What You Need

Google Voice Account: If you’re not already part of Google Voice, simply log into your Google account and sign-up for Google Voice (google.com/voice). It will walk you through the sign-up process, including setting up a new number.

GV Connect: Google’s strategy for the iPad, including Google Voice, appears to be limited to Safari apps only. Google offers an official iOS-native Google Voice client for the iPhone, but GV Connect is a better option, as it has full support iPad support.

Talkatone: Neither the Safari interface that Google offers, nor GV Connect will make VOIP calls from your iOS device. To enable that functionality, you need to download and install the free, ad-supported Talkatone app.

How to Make a Phone Call

Once you have a Google Voice account, download and install both the GV Connect and Talkatone clients on your iPad, and set up each with your Google Voice account information. Then, in GV Connect, do the following:

Under Settings, set the Start Calls From setting to Google Talk.
Enable the Call using Talkatone setting.
Click on the telephone handset icon in the upper left corner to place a call.
While you are controlling your Google Voice account from within GV Connect, the VOIP call is actually being handled by Talkatone. Talkatone does claim to allow calls over 3G, but the quality of those calls are dependent on the network. I’ve only used it while connected via Wi-Fi.

How to Receive a Phone Call

To direct all your incoming calls to be received on your iPad. In GV Connect on your iPad, do the following:

Under Settings, set the Call Forwarding setting to Google Talk.
Make sure you are logged in to your Google Account in Talkatone.
Wait for an incoming call.


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