Jul 29, 2013

Lightning Storm 7/28/13

Posted by Knick

Storm came in on 7/28/13 and I ran out to try to grab a few more good shots.

This was the only good picture out of 350 that I took during the storm. I had a perfect shot set up over the golf corse with some rolling hills and a sand trap in the foreground, the storm rolled in about 50 feet to the left of the shot i had setup. I missed the first strike, moved my tripod and set up the shot over the houses. Within 3 min I captured this one. There were only 2 strikes in the 2 hours i was taking pictures and I got 1. Not too bad.

Here is a larger view of the shot:

Nikon D5100 Tamron 28mm-70mm F2.8 at 28mm F11 15 second exposure


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